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Health & Happiness

We all give and receive love in different ways. It is important to learn how to express love in our relationships but it is also important to show that same love to ourselves. Yoga is a great way to introduce self-love and self-care into your routine. 

Relax, relieve stress and lighten your mood so you can show up, be present and hold space in your relationships.


Words of Affirmation: You don't need to wait for praise, acknowledge how great you are with "I Am" affirmations.

 Try: "I am Peace" "I am Love" or "I am rooted but I flow"

Acts of Service: You can't pour from an empty cup. Try doing something to recharge like a bath, massage or even a restorative yoga practice. Grab some pillows and blankets, then just relax in your favorite restorative, restful pose.

Receiving Gifts: It isn't about the material gift, it's about the intention behind it. So take time by giving to yourself some self-reflection and meditation. Keep a journal to write down how your meditation makes you feel.

Quality Time: Actively engage with yourself. Try to take time to be with you during your favorite activity. Clear your schedule and your space of all distractions-including screens! Don't rush, enjoy each minute for you.

Physical Touch: It might be hard to express the need for physical affection. Try tapping, or "EFT" as a means of connecting with yourself and satisfying this desire. During your shower or when applying lotion, take time to give gratitude to each part of your body.

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