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Yin Yoga Workshop

Deepen your practice and teaching to another level with this authentic continuing education Yin Yoga workshop.

In this course, Cynthia explores the many postures of yin yoga, the physical, mental and energetic benefits of this style of practice, and the anatomy necessary to understand how different bodies create different shapes. We will look more closely at Prana, breath, props, and Yin & Yang.

By slowing down our breath, body, and mind, we will deepen our awareness into ourself and be able to teach our students from experience. This workshop is for all levels, regardless of how advanced your practice may be.

Who is this for:

This online course is open to any current and aspiring yoga teachers, as well as enthusiastic students who wish to dive deeper and immerse in all things Yin. You will complete this course with a strong foundation and ability to guide yourself and your students safely and effectively into a wide variety of yin poses.

In this continuing education workshop, you will be introduced to Yin Yoga and learn how to safely and effectively teach or practice your next flow.

Investment includes:

⊕ CEU 5 Contact Hours for RYT

⊕ History & Philosophy of Yin Yoga

⊕ Yin & Yang

⊕ Chinese Meridian Theory

⊕ Prana & Breath in Yin Yoga

⊕ Physiological Benefits of Yin Yoga

⊕ Emotional and Energetic Benefits of Yin Yoga

⊕ The Difference Between Yin Yoga & Restorative Yoga

⊕ Principles of Teaching & Demonstration, 

    Modifications & Prop Use

⊕ Breakdown of Yin Poses

⊕ How to Sequence a Yin Yoga Class

⊕ Study At Your Own Comfortable Pace

⊕ Unlimited, Lifetime Access To Course Materials



Investment: $59.00

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