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Learning Yoga

Finding the style of yoga that best suits your needs could be overwhelming if you are new to the practice, have existing conditions, previous injuries, current ailments, or are simply looking to slow down.

There are 8 limbs of yoga. The fourth limb, the physical practice of yoga as we know it in the west, is called Asana. Below are a few examples of asanas that are beneficial to all levels from beginners to advanced  practitioners. These are the asanas I teach online. 



Gentle & Mindful

Traditional Hatha connects breath to body. You might be familiar with these poses but you stay in them longer than Vinyasa. This will help with deep muscle stretching to calm both the mind and body. Most postures are seated and supine.



Movement, Flow and Breath

Vinyasa might be considered the most popular or common. This style includes Sun Salutations. It can be gentle or rigorous. Vinyasa is about movement, transition, using your breath to link poses while connecting the mind, body and spirit.



Slow-Paced, Meditative

Passive, feminine and meditative. This practice is a great compliment to a more active style of movement. The aim is to calm the mind and stretch the body. Its roots start in traditional Chinese Medicine.

*Before beginning a new fitness routine, consult with your doctor.
Please note that yoga is meant to be preventative, whereas yoga therapy is curative. 

Yoga: Service

“The fear is simply because you are not living with life, You are living in your mind.”


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